Youtube superstar Pewdiepie Defends Elon Musk


Yesterday Pewdiepie uploaded a new episode of PEWS NEWS, one of his youtube shows. In one section of the video, he defended Elon Musk.
Last week one of the Elon Musk’s fans tweeted him, asking to help in Thai Cave Rescue. As a result, the top engineers in SpaceX made kid-sized mini submarines. It was built of rocket parts.
He tested the submarines and flew to the site of caves. However, his submarines were not used. But he left it in Thailand just in case the country needed it.
But many people didn’t like his efforts of help. Some people were saying that he is just showing off his inventions and is selfish.
BBC news headline read this: “Elon musk offer ‘not practical’ for cave mission, Thai rescue chief says”. But actually, it wasn’t a statement made form rescue chief. Musk had been talking to the rescue chief.


As you can see he did not say that submarines were not practical. Instead, he said ” We’re worried about the smallest lad please keep working on the capsule details”. Still, he was receiving many hateful comments.

A user tweeted:


Elon musk defended himself by replying:elonmusk-viralfeedmania

Then Hank Green a youtuber tweeted:



Pewdiepie, in a sarcastic way, said ” so if you are a billionaire you are not allowed to defend yourself from hateful comments. He also said that he hates this sentiment that “If you have a lot of followers, you are not allowed to respond to someone being ignorant or hateful.” He also praised Elon and said that he was the guy who saw he could help and took the chance.



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