Youngest Face Transplant Receiver Katie Stubblefield Will Tell You Why Suicide Is A Bad Idea?


18 years old Katie Stubblefield was a bright, beautiful and happy teenager before March 2014. On 25 March Katie had found her boyfriend was cheating on her. in an emotional range, she decided to kill herself after. Katie Shooted herself on the head with a rifle in her bathroom.

Her brother Robert found her covered in blood. Her face was gone but she was still alive. She saved by doctors but she lost forehead, nose and sinuses, and major parts of the mouth. The doctor suggested a face transplant for her and her family agreed.


Katie-Stubblefield with family (first from right) ( Image source Google and National Geographic All the copyright of images belong to owners.)

After waiting for 3 years finally they got a donor, 31 years old Adrea Schneider. Adrea Schneider died due to drug overdose and her grandmother Sandra Bennington agreed to donate her face.

Katie-Stubblefield ( Image source Google and National Geographic All the copyright of images belong to owners.)

On May 4, 2017 doctor transplant Andrea ‘s face on Katie. After a successful surgery, Katie now has a face. She can now chew and swallow food. Stubblefield becomes youngest in the US to receive the face transplant,

Katie still remembers people commenting on her appearance before surgery. She talked about her suicide decision “I had never thought of doing that before. I felt so guilty that I had put my family through such pain. I felt horrible.”

Now Katie is cherishing her second chance at life. She plans to become a counselor and to spread awareness about suicide. Katie Stubblefield story tells us how suicide is not the end of the problem. Your one stupid decision can lead you and your family to a much bigger problem.


Watch the complete journey of Katie


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