World’s Loneliest Man Seen in Rare Footage


A very rare video footage of the loneliest man has emerged. The video was filmed and released by Funai, the Brazilian government’s indigenous agency. In this video, you can see a half-naked man in his 50s cutting a tree with an ax.

Who is he?

A very little is known about the man. This man is living alone for 22 years in Brazilian Amazon. Experts of Funai believe that the man was part of an isolated tribe of six members. Five of which were killed in an attack by farmers and land grabbers in the 90’s. He has been living alone since then.


Funai said: “In the 1980s, disorderly colonization, the establishment of farms and illegal logging led to repeated attacks on the isolated indigenous peoples who had lived there until then, in a constant process of expulsion from their lands and death.”
‘After the last farmer attack in late 1995, the group that was probably already small – from reports, the local staff believed to be six people – became one person. The guilty were never punished.’

They don’t know his name and what language he speaks due to the strict rules of Funai. These rules restrict anyone to interact with the isolated tribes.

Why was Funai filming the man?

Funai needs to show that the loneliest man is still alive so that they can renew the restriction order of the land he roams. They have been monitoring him from a distance since 1996.

Fiona Watson, the research and advocacy director of Survival International said: ‘Funai has a duty to show that he is well and alive. The crucial thing is Funai has managed to keep his territory. The fact he is still alive gives you hope. He is the ultimate symbol if you like.’

It is very extraordinary that he is been able to survive alone for so long, given that many farmers and illegal loggers are keen on his land.


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