Who is the real Kiki from Drake’s “In My Feelings”?!!


“Kiki, Do You Love Me?”

Drake released his new album Scorpion at the end of the June. It consists of 25 tracks and according to RIAA, the album has already gone platinum. However, one track which caught everyone attention was ‘In My Feelings’. It got more popular after @TheShiggyShow ‘s #KikiDoYouLoveMe challenge.

But who is that ‘Kiki’? Everyone wants to know about her. According to social media users’ speculation ‘Kiki’ is musician/former television host Keshia Chanté Harper. Years ago, Drake admitted that they dated when they were teens. He also revealed that he has rapped about Keshia before.

Then people started to comment and direct message on her Instagram account, “Keke, do you love me?” and “Are you riding?” She shared some screenshots of her DM.

But now another woman is dropping the hints that she is the real Kiki. A new video analysis by GENIUS shows that K’yanna Barber, a woman from Oakland, California is the real Kiki. She was spotted at Drake’s concert with Future in 2016. From then Drake has previously been connected to her.

After the release of the single ‘In My Feeling’ she is giving hints that she is ‘KiKi’.


But Drake has not said anything regarding this.


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