What Is Momo And How It Is Taking Life?


If you have no idea about Momo then let us help you to solve this mystery.

Last week in Buenos Aires, Argentina a 12-year-old girl found dead in her backyard. In the initial investigation, police found a video footage of girl which clear up that it was a suicide. Authorities were unable to find any reason behind this suicide. Then police checked data on girl’s phone and found she was texting with a number on WhatsApp.

This number claim to use by a woman named MOMO. The profile image of this number uses an image of a woman with bulging eyes. Users who engaged with Momo claimed, when you text her, she replies back with disturbing images or your personal information. According to Cyber investigators, momo game/ challenge was first started on Facebook, where users were challenged to message an unknown WhatsApp number.

Expert says this game hacks users private information and then force them to self-harm like Blue Whale game. The image used by momo is the artwork of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, he has no relation to this game.

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Till now this game only appeared in Spanish-speaking countries. In 2017 Blue Whale game took more than 100 lives in Russia. Authorities of affected countries issue a warning to parents and teenagers.

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