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Will Smith does the In My Feelings challenge

On June 29, the Instagram comedian @TheShiggyShow shared a video of himself dancing on the streets on the tune of Drake’s hit Scorpion song “In My Feelings”. His danced moves perfectly synced with the...

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“In My Feelings” challenge Top 10 best entries

Drake’s album Scorpion’s track “In My Feelings” getting famous on social media due to a dance challenge called #DoTheShiggy, #inMyFeelings, #kikiDoYouLoveMeChallenge. This challenge was originated by Instagram comedian @TheShiggyShow and now everyone is doing...


Youtube superstar Pewdiepie Defends Elon Musk

Yesterday Pewdiepie uploaded a new episode of PEWS NEWS, one of his youtube shows. In one section of the video, he defended Elon Musk. Last week one of the Elon Musk’s fans tweeted him,...