The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends From Around The World


Around the world, people love telling scary urban legends. Every place has their own urban legend. Here we have listed down 5 scariest urban legends from around the globe.

1.Nalle Ba From India:

This urban legend started in the 1990s in Bengaluru city. According to this myth, a woman wanders around the city and knock on the doors of the house. The woman spoke in a voice of your relative and ask to open the door. If you open door then she will kill you.

This rumor spread like wildfire and people started to find a solution for it and finally they come up with an idea and started writing ‘Nale Ba’ outside the house. ‘Nale Ba’ means ‘Come tomorrow’. So when the ghost woman reads it, she could be distracted, and she will spare the house and come again the next day and the cycle repeats.

In some part of Bengaluru, April 1 is celebrated as ‘Nale Ba Day’.

Urban Legends

2.Kuchisake Onna From Japan:

This Japanese urban legend also is known as “Slit-Mouthed Woman”. According to original legend, she covers her mouth with a surgical mask to hide her slit mouth. She roams on street to search her victims, and if she finds you, she will ask “Watashi kirei?” means Am I pretty? If you reply “NO” she will slit your throat with her scissors and if you will say yes then she will take off the mask and asks “ How about now?”

If you reply “Yes” She will slash your mouth ear to ear with her scissors and if you will say “No” then she will disappear but will follow you to your house and will kill you at night.

Urban Legends

Some people Claimed to avoid the fate they give her confusing answers like “so-so” when she asked, “Am I pretty?” , it confuses her and they get time to run away.


3.Kuntilanak Merah From Indonesia:

THE RED ROBE LADY(Kuntilanak Merah) is one of the most famous urban legends of Indonesia. According to legend, a lady in red rob hunts the Casablanca Tunnel of East Jakarta Region since 1980’s. since the tunnel been made and open for public A lot, mysterious accidents happen in this tunnel. Victims claimed that they saw a lady suddenly appeared and move across the street. They stop the car in a sudden that make the series of vehicles’ crash. Some people claimed their vehicles suddenly stop in the middle of the tunnel for no reason.

Things get very spooky when an end of 90’s a man’s dead body found hanging on the entrance of the tunnel. After that people start seeing a man and a kid in this tunnel.

People said To avoid any misfortune in the tunnel, you should take permission from spirits and for that honk the tunnel three times on entrance.

Kuntilanak Merah

Kuntilanak Merah

4. Crying Girl From Australia:

Sydney’s Macquarie Fields station is crowded metropolitan station by day, but at night after the last train leaves the platform, it’s become almost completely empty. At this time as reported “faint crying” can be heard carried on the breeze. People said crying would begin and then become much louder. Sometimes, As the night passes, the crying stop and change to horrific screams.

People have reported seeing a teenage girl in a white dress, crying and screaming in the middle of the tracks. Some say they’ve seen her in covering in blood, Staring at them.

Some said they hear voices crying out in pain and asking for help.

Several people claimed this is not a teen ghost, its 42-year-old woman named Emily Hay Georgenson, who was killed on the Saturday afternoon of July 7, 1906.

Teen or old but it’s clear that no one wants to stick around to find out the truth.

Urban Legends

5.Soucouyant From St. Lucian:

The soucouyant appears as an old woman by day. By night, she takes off her skin and changes into a fireball. Its said soucouyant flies in search of preys. She sucks the blood out of her victims. Her favorite is newborn babies. The soucouyant can enter the home of her victim through any sized hole like cracks and keyholes. Soucouyants suck blood from soft body parts and leave black-blue marks on the body.

Urban Legends

Her Victims don’t feel any pain when Soucouyants feed herself. People said that if soucouyant sucks too much blood, then the victim will die and become a soucouyant.

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