SHAZAM! Trailer: Finally DC is copying Marvel’s hit formula


The eagerly awaited trailer DC’s Captain Marvel, SHAZAM! is launched at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Warner Bros. Pictures also released the trailer on YouTube and it got more than four million views in just twelve hours.

From the trailer, you can see that unlike most of the DC’s movies SHAZAM is very lighthearted and funny looking movie. The reason for this could be that they want to experiment now. After seeing how Marvel lighthearted movies perform better on box office than most of the dark movies of DC.
This movie will also get out the DC from the stereotype that DC only make dark and serious movies.

captain marvel

Captain Marvel of both universes

SHAZAM is also known as Captain Marvel. Marvel universe also have their own Captain Marvel which will release on 6 March 2019. Brie Larson will play the main character in the MCU movie. Now we have to see that which Captain Marvel will win the hearts of the audience.

SHAZAM is the story of a young boy Billy Batson who’s introduced to a new foster family and school after running from foster homes in six countries.

He is chosen by a wizard named Shazam, after fighting some bullies in school. The wizard tells him to utters his name so that he can gain superpowers. Billy says the wizard’s name turns into an adult hero.

Asher Angel and Zachary Levi will portray the role of Billy Batson and captain marvel respectively. The movie also stars Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, the supervillain, and occasional anti-hero. The movie will hit the theaters on 5 April 2019.


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