The Most Dangerous Island in The World


North Sentinel Island is part of the Andaman Islands. It consists of south sentinel island in the Bay of Bengal. It is home to the most isolated tribe. In fact, they have kept their island of Indian Ocean free of intruder for about 60000 years.  This mysterious island is known as the most dangerous island in the world.


The Violent Behaviour

They violently reject any contact with the outside world. And are among the last people who are untouched by modern civilization. Therefore it is described as ‘the hardest place to visit’.

Marco Polo wrote about The North Sentinel Island. But modern historians do not believe that he ever landed on the island. One of the first encounters with Sentinelese may be the reason for their violent behavior.

Portman’s Voyage

In 1880 anthropologist M.V. Portman went to an expedition with Europeans researchers. However, they did not encounter a single soul. After a few days they found six Sentinelese; an elderly couple and four children. As a matter of fact, they kidnaped them and transported to Port Bair.

Sadly, the six Sentinelese “sickened rapidly, and the old man and his wife died, so the four children were sent back to their home with quantities of presents,” noted Portman.

The reason for the death of the couple can be a weak immune system.  Their immune system may be is not as strong as people outside the island. As a matter of fact, they were living in isolation for so many years


But the Sentinelese were not welcoming even before the Portman voyage. In 1867, an Indian merchant ship, the Nineveh, was wrecked on the reef surrounding North Sentinel Island. As a result, the 106 surviving people landed safely on the beach. But on the third day, they were attacked by the Sentinelese.

The captain noted: “The savages were perfectly naked, with short hair and red painted noses, and were opening their mouth and making sounds like pa on ough. Their arrows appeared to be tipped with iron.”

In 1981, cargo ship MV Primrose grounded on the reef surrounding North Sentinel Island. They saved themselves with a 24-hour guard, flare guns, axes, and lengths of pipe. Finally, after a week the crew was rescued by helicopters.

First Successful Encounter

The only successful encounter came in 1991. TN Pandit, an anthropologist, interacted with them after 20 years of unsuccessful attempts.

The interview with TN Pandit.

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It is considered as ‘last first friendly encounter’ because in 2006 they killed two poachers. They were illegally fishing for mud crabs off North Sentinel Island.

Indian authorities respect the islanders’ wish to be left alone and restrict their role to remote monitoring. In reality, they even allow them to kill non-Sentinelese people without prosecution. The island can be considered a sovereign area under Indian protection.

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