Michelle Dy apologizes to Jeffree Star


Yesterday Youtube’s biggest beauty Guru Jeffree Star showed his anger against a Filipino vlogger on social media. Star had shared that a vlogger has copied his Trademark series “Jeffree Approved”.

Jeffree said in his Instagram story “There is a YouTuber who is not known here in America but they recently tried to steal my Approved trademark in their whole entire channel. And I’m like, I didn’t even invent the word ‘Approved’ but girl, that has been my thing for two years now. It’s trademarked, it’s on merch, don’t try me.

Star did not take any name in his video, but soon after a famous Filipino beauty vlogger Michelle Dy tweeted her apologizes to Jeffree Star.  Michelle admits that her series is inspired by Jeffree’s Trademark series. She had also mentioned this in her video descriptions.

Michelle Dy Aplogogy To Jeffree Star

Michelle Dy Apology To Jeffree Star

Jeffree has always been a controversial Youtuber. His famous controversy was with her former best friend Kat Von D. Youtuber Shane Dawson’s has released a 5 parts series to uncover secrets of Jeffree’s life. In the first part, Jeffree has shared some hidden truth about his businesses and relationship.

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