M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and split sequel ‘Glass’ trailer is released


M. Night Shyamalan’s much-awaited movie ‘Glass‘ trailer has launched at comic con 2018. Glass is a sequel of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable (2000) and split (2016). This film will be the third and final installment of M. Night’s superhero universe.

Watch Trailer Here:


The trailer features Sarah Paulson as Elli Staple a psychiatrist, who specializes in those individuals who believe they are superhero, and her three patients are Kevin Wendell Crumb and his 24 personalities (James McAvoy) David Dunn (Bruce Willis), and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson). The trailer also confirms that Casey Cooke(Anya Taylor-Joy ) the only survivor from the split is also in this movie.

The trailer gives us a clear sneak peek that something very frightening is coming up in Glass . All three men are in an institution and It seems like Mr. Glass and Kevin are going to team up as Mr. Glass says in a scene “ that’s sound like bad guys teaming up and a lot of people going to die.”

Night Shyamalan had written Kevin Wendell character for Unbreakable but due to balance issue, he removed this character from the script. In 2016 Shyamalan released Split which featured Kevin as lead, and in Split climax, he had marked the Unbreakable.

Glass released on Jan. 18, 2019.


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