Justin Trudeau Met Bollywood Celebs


Canada PM Justin Trudeau shows the world that, why he’s the best Justin out of Canada since Bieber. He is the most loved politician in the world after, USA President Barack Obama.

this super cool PM is in India this week with his family on an official visit. He has been busy traveling all over the country. Trudeau met the Bollywood celebrities like Amir Khan, R. Madwan, Shah Rukh Khan, Anupam Kher and Farhan Akhtar on Tuesday night.

Justin Trudeau with Bollywood stars

PM Justin with fahran khan

 justin trudeau with anupam kher

justin Trudeau with Anupam Kher

Justin With Amir Khan

PM Trudeau With Amir Khan

Well, all the Bollywood celebs where formal black for this event but Justin and his family did something amazing by wearing traditional Indian outfit. Internet trolls him, for dressed up like Bollywood Dulha but no one has any doubt that was looking most ‘Beautiful Dulha’.
Image credit: Buzzfeed


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