JIM TWINS: Telepathic Twins Who Led The Identical Life!


Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, now known as the Jim Twins, shared a first name rather than the last, unlike most of the identical twins. Separated at birth, they were reunited at age of 39. They discovered the unbelievable similarities they shared, other than their genetic code.

The two twins brothers were put up for adoption when they were 3 weeks old. One of them was adopted by Lewises and the other by Springers. Coincidently, their adoptive parents named them both ‘James’. Both men also got a same short name ‘Jim’. This was just the start of their identical life.


Springer’s mother was not aware that his brother was alive and told him his twin had died, while Lewis’s mother knew that his brother was alive and told him but he wasn’t interested in meeting his brother.


But in 1977, Lewis, at the age of 37, decided to track down his brother. After two years, they were reunited. When they start talking they found out they have lived more or less the same life.


They grew up within 40 miles of each other. In their childhood, they both had dogs named ‘Toy’. Both liked math and carpentry in school and were weak at spellings. They married twice- first with women named ‘Linda’ and then to women named ‘Betty’. They both named their sons ‘James Allen’. Both drove Chevrolets and were chain-smokers. They used to smoke the same brand of cigarette.

They were perfect for the study conducted by Dr. Thomas Bouchard of the University of Minnesota, who found that they had similar medical histories. Their brain-wave tests were also almost identical. Some say that their case is perfect evidence of telepathy between twins.


Even after so many similarities, there are differences between Jim Twins as Jim Lewis said: “The differences between Jim and me may be the differences between living in the city and country.” Recently Lewis got divorced and married a woman named Sandy. Springer doesn’t know anyone named Sandy yet.

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