7 Mind Blowing facts about Hong Kong


The city of the most skyscrapers in the world, Hong Kong is the famous tourist spot. It was A farming and fishing village of the British Empire. But now it’s one of the financial centers and trade ports in the world. In 1997, British control until returned Hong-Kong to China.

Here are 7 unknown facts about Hong-Kong we bet you don’t know.

1. All the land in Hong-Kong owns by the government. Government Gives land on lease to the public for ownership for a limited period of time(e.g. 50 years or more).

2. Tutors and teachers are like a celebrity in Hong Kong. You can see Advertisement billboards for the grade school in which celebrity Tutors pose like pop stars in designer outfits.

Celebrity Tutors Billboard

3. Nearly 200,000 people in hong kong live in a coffin home/cage home which is a type of residence that is only large enough for one bunk bed surrounded by a metal cage.

Cage home

4. People of Hong Kong has the highest average IQ (IQ 107) in the world.

5. Hong-Kong is not a country it is a Special Administrative Region of China but it has own political and economic system.

China – hong kong border

6. Hong Kong holds the 4th rank in the world billionaires list. This is the reason why It has more Rolls Royce’s per person than any other city of the globe.


7. It has the maximum number of skyscrapers (over 1200 skyscrapers) in the world.


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