5 Ways To Fight With Suicidal Thoughts


In this big world, each day many people feel suicidal. Social presser, depression, and anxiety also make it hard for individuals to cope-up with this kind of thought. Right now if you are having suicidal thought then no need to feel ashamed. Feeling suicidal doesn’t mean you are a coward or weak.

The main reason behind suicidal thoughts is Depression. Depression is often caused by not having the desired life. This emotion makes you feel empty and useless. Every day 3,000 people end their life without thinking that to solve their temporary problems they are ending a precious gift given by God. Fighting with Depression and suicidal thoughts is not easy, but it is not impossible with proper support and self-motivation you can fight with it.

Here we are sharing 5 way to deal with suicidal thoughts:

1. 48 hours rules: If you want to end your life right now then there is no doubt that you are in a lot of pain. Give some time to yourself and postpone your actions for 48 hours. Time heals everything including your emotional trauma.

2. You are enough: World’s best hypnotist Marisa Peer created a magical spell ‘You are enough’ to overcome all your fears. According to Peer’s our mind believes what we tell it continuously, rather than feeding your mind with negative thought feed it with positive vibes and remind yourself ‘I am enough, I am lovable enough’. You will start feeling better when you keep telling your brain you are good enough. This self-motivation will overcome your depression and suicidal thoughts.

3. Don’t use alcohol or drugs: If you are fighting with depression and suicidal thought then don’t use alcohol or drugs. Alcohol makes suicidal thought stronger.

4. Do what makes you happy: If you are not happy with your current job and everyday this job make you depressed and suicidal then quit your job. Do what makes you happy and motivated. Don’t hide your desire and dream. Stop thinking about what will people say, if it makes you happy then it is right for you.

5. Talk to someone: Share your thought with someone you trust. Talk about your mental health, it would help you a lot in dealing with depression. People who love you will show help you to understand the true value of your life. If you are close to your parents or siblings then first talk to them. And if you don’t want to open with anyone you know, then there is so many Suicide Prevention helpline services for in every country.

Always remember you aren’t alone. we all feel this way sometimes. This feeling or pain will not last long. Give some time to yourself life is beautiful.


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